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October 24, 2013


Christine Middlecamp

The photos you capture today will carry on forever. They will be the vital connection to the past and be of utmost value. You photograph your family beautifully. Your girls will be your lifeline. Hold them tight every single day. They'll hold you up and be your strength. Family is the love that is the light that keeps us going in the darkness. I'm so very sorry your family is having to go through this, Tara. The journey of GBM is painstaking and never fair. I promise you this - He will always be there. The pieces will come together as you're already seeing. Every person that comes into your life will matter. You'll never be alone. And, the journey will bring you to many crossroads. It's ok to stop and take a break, though remember to continue to live. Your girls will be a huge part of that. I still, five years later, wish I could bring back my beloved, but there's a life I've yet to live. I owe it to me, Ethan and Eric, to be everything possible. You are supported, Tara, by many young widows if ever need be - soaring spirits is an amazing non-profit. Find them. They are angels on earth. Do email me anytime. Much love.

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